Beautiful organic wine - grown in Upper Moutere clay quartz, hand picked grapes turned into fine wine using small batch ferments, then hand bottled on the vineyard.

To make the best organic wine you need the right spot to plant your grapes. Location is Everything! ...Well, not really everything but it matters - geography, geology, climate, weather, time of planting, timing of harvest...even the skills of the winemaker play a part.Our story so far...

Our ambition has been to grow organic and biodynamic grapes and make fine wines - all we needed was a place to plant our vineyard.

We were living in Nelson and while looking for land, we bought a tractor and collected grape cuttings from Andrew Greenhough, a local grower.

One Saturday we were out looking for a Wills Road in Upper Moutere we'd heard might interest us. We made what we thought was a wrong turn and drove to the top of a gorse engulfed dirt lane where we found the late winter sun playing on a north-facing slope just above us.

The road to  Partington Organic Wines

"These would be perfect slopes for growing grapes", Gareth said.

We spyed a man in blue overalls, not far away, fixing his letterbox, so we stopped to ask him directions and enquire about the land above us. Turned out we were not lost - we were on Wills Road afterall. Also turned out that the man in blue overalls owned 105 acres of the land we were looking at and it had been on the market for many years, awaiting the right buyer.

He was curious. We were interested. So we drove up with him to take a look.

The 105 acres came with a house that looked out across rural Tasman to the sea - just as we had imagined our ideal vineyard to be.

Vines and roses, Upper Moutere, Nelson

We promptly told him we wanted to buy the land - that was eight years ago.

What we thought was a wrong turn, took us to exactly where we were meant to be, and the man in blue overalls was so confident that he had found his right buyer, that he let us rotary hoe the front lawn and put our grape cuttings in the ground before settlement day.

The man in blue overall's standard answer to all our queries was, "Don't worry about it, we'll be alright".

Now we could start to live our dream in ernest...beginning with planting.

While local contractors laid drainage and irrigation pipes, we took out old fences and planted mustard as a manure crop to enrich our soil.

With an old family sextant we laid out the vine rows in a herring bone pattern from the main ridge, gently running to the North.

It was very fulfilling to lay the foundations of our ambitions.

Oak barriques - Lily and MiaThe vineyard's North facing rows were planted close together, with over 5000 vines to the hectare, as Gareth had seen in France.

This is twice as dense as conventional plantings, and with low cropping leads to intense burgundian style flavours, with the Moutere clay offering a further note of complexity.

Our first harvest, although hardly enough to fill one wine barrel, was a revelation.

We made this wine very simply and to this day we continue along these same lines. It was exhilarating to confirm that the grapes and our home site could produce the high quality we were striving for.