Beautiful organic wine - grown in Upper Moutere clay quartz, hand picked grapes turned into fine wine using small batch ferments, then hand bottled on the vineyard.

Our wine philosophy is simple ...keep it simple, natural and be passionate about every aspect.

We strive for high quality fruit and pick only at optimal ripeness, when the flavours, the acid and the mouth feel of the grapes are in perfect harmony.

Our quality starts in the vineyard using organic and biodynamic methods. By working with nature's cycles and rhythms we achieve fine flavours.

We pick into small bins, handling the fruit as little as possible. The fruit is then lightly crushed into vats. Wild yeasts help the fruit express the subtleties of the terroir.

The wine is pressed and gravity fed to oak barriques for up to twenty two months. In autumn the barrels are selected for the final blend.

Our philosophy is that of non intervention and for this reason we neither fine nor filter our pinot noir.

From beginning to end we do not compromise at any stage of our vintage.

The Partington family

at the very heart of our operation.

at the very heart of our operation.